Ayanna Nelson-Freeman

My daughter's 6th birthday party was here and all the kids loved it!!! Outdoor space was the perfect size AND they loved the different options of frozen goodness (dairy/gluten free, ice creams and sherbets) with fun, yummy toppings!! A+!!!!!


Lynette W.

My daughter & I have been hooked on this place! Even in 30 degree weather. Thank you for the great hours & location. Please never change a thing(except to provide chopped bananas). Great service & great selection! Thanks!!!

Endless Combinations of Flavorful Fun

 Frozen Yogurt

Gabriella Culberson

One price yogurt! Non of that pay by the ounce nonsense! Plus their yogurt is delicious and their toppings come in quite a variety and are quite fresh. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Worth stopping by.

Yay Yogurt is a multi flavored frozen yogurt shop.  It is an Albuquerque-based frozen yogurt restaurant founded in 2012. Since the beginning of this business, Yay Yogurt maintains a commitment to delivering a unique frozen Yogurt treat experience in a joyful atmosphere. We at Yay Yogurt specialize in the art of frozen yogurt. Our main motive is to create a cheerful customer experience from the beginning to the end. The question of ‘where to buy frozen yogurt’ ends at our shop. We have a plethora of options to choose from.  It is not just the yogurt that lures in more and more customers, but it is the friendly environment that our customers receive at Yay Yogurt that pulls them to our shop again and again. We have a total of 8 flavors along with 58 toppings, so the fun never ends at Yay Yogurt. Besides frozen yogurt, we also have a good range of frozen yogurt. Our charges are based on the size of the cup or cone. When it comes to toppings, customers can choose from fruits and berries to sugary delights, as we have made everything available for them.