OpenTable Diner


Stephanie N.

Stopped in for a coffee and a water. The coffee was fresh and served from a French press. We decided to try the frozen yogurt and it was very good! We really were not hungry so we didn't add any toppings but the fruit looked fresh and the other toppings a lot of fun. If the kids were with us they would have enjoyed topping off their yogurts. Good place to take the family or just stop to people watch and have a drink or snack.

Amazing yogurt flavors and an even better selection of toppings! My kids and I love it here. Also there Frito pie is so inexpensive and delicious. On Monday evenings they have a ridiculously good happy hour on yogurt that really puts it one the top.

This is our favorite place for frozen yogurt. You pick the size cup you want and fill it to your heart's desire for one price. No weighing. Go crazy with all the toppings. The raspberry pomegranate & salted caramel flavors are the kid's favorite flavors. 
Staff is always attentive & patient. They never give us the stink eye even when my kids take forever sampling the flavors with the little sample cups all ready for us on the table. Always a smile on their face & on top of keeping the place clean.

We love this place so friendly, they greeted us every time I go in. All smilies and very very clean no mess, and their Fritos pie AMAZING DELICIOUS.. and they know my name already.. Love it..

David Casaus

No weight, generous portion, toppings are any of your choice. Will be my favorite yogurt place for now.

Marie Lucero


Pepper Smis

Simple cute little yogurt shop. Perfect location! The yogurt was more on the sweeter side. I typically look for more tart yogurts. But over all a chill cute place