Yay Yogurt was the idea of two Albuquerque-based sisters. With the primary goal of serving people of all age groups, both the sisters took this frozen yogurt business to immense heights, and now, Yay Yogurt is among the most popular frozen yogurt stores in New Mexico. They now serve 8 flavors of yogurt and 58 types of toppings, which fulfills the demand of each and every customer. From fresh fruits to berries and from granola to M&Ms, Yay Yogurt has got all the toppings. Their frozen yogurt business is the most popular restaurant in Old Town, as they also have a variety of foods such frito pies, nachos, beans and chile, burritos and french press coffee. And all our food is  at a low cost.  For many people, Yay Yogurt is the best frozen yogurt shop, better than any ice cream  parlour in Albuquerque, New Mexico.